Bewiched by Solika ; and other judeo-spanish tales
Bewiched by Solika ; and other judeo-spanish tales

Anglais Bewiched by Solika ; and other judeo-spanish tales (édition en anglais)



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Every morning, Solika walks past the palace windows, her breakfast basket in hand. At his window, the prince is dying to know what she has in there, but this is Solika's closely-kept secret. Until the day the prince decides to bring out the heavy artillery... The ten folktales in this book carry the memory of the Eastern Judeo-Spanish people, their wisdom, their way of life and most of all, of their humor. These folktales were transmitted orally thanks to the talent of storytellers who would willingly adapt them to their audience. This is how folktales traveled, morphed and were constantly reinvented. May they once again escape from these pages to be revived in the mouth of the storyteller!

Rayons : Jeunesse > Littérature Enfants > Contes / Fables / Mythologie

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