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  • Laozi (± 580-500 avant notre ère), de son vrai nom Li Er, fut grand scribe de la bibliothèque impériale sous la dynastie des Zhou. Contemporain de Confucius, il est l'auteur du Daodejing, l'un des plus grands classiques de la pensée chinoise. Une tradition dit que le vieil homme, juché sur un buffle noir, se serait présenté aux douanes de Hanguguan, dans la province du Henan, et qu'il aurait laissé à l'officier Yin Xi, en guise d'autorisation de sortie, un manuscrit de cinq mille caractères ? le Canon de la Voie et de la Vertu ?, avant de disparaître dans l'ouest du pays. Une autre version, celle du Zhuang Zi, évoque le grand scribe démissionnant de sa fonction et fuyant la cour décadente des Zhou pour se retirer dans sa région natale, à l'est du pays. Quoi qu'il en soit, la pensée du père du taoïsme est fidèlement transcrite dans cette oeuvre unique laissée à la postérité. La nouvelle traduction de Laure Chen, volontairement épurée et respectueuse de la poésie fractale de la langue originelle, va au coeur de l'écrit et laisse ainsi le texte révéler de lui-même sa profondeur. Avec une préface du professeur Léon Vandermeersch, correspondant à l'Institut de France, directeur d'études à l'École pratique des hautes études et ancien directeur de l'École française d'Extrême-Orient.

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  • Allemand Wohnstätten der adepten


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  • Allemand Mysterium der kathedralen


    Nachdem Fulcanelli im Jahr 1923 den physischen Stein der Weisen erlangt hatte, betraute er seinen berühmten Schüler, Eugène Canseliet mit der Drucklegung seiner drei Bücher:
    Mysterium der Kathedralen (Erstausg. 1926); Wo Adepten wohnten (Erstausg. 1929) Mysterium der Kathedralen: Die präzise Übertragung der reichen Sprache von Fulcanelli ins Deutsche wurde in engster Zusammenarbeit mit Canseliet's getreuem Schüler Jean Laplace (1949 - 1996) überprüft. Laplace war selbst operativer Alchemist und ein streng traditioneller alchemistischer Autor.
    Mysterium der Kathedralen ist außer für die Jünger der «Kunst des Hermes» auch eine Schatztruhe für Kunsthistoriker, Philosophen, Linguisten, Historiker und ernsthafte Esoteriker. Nun steht das viel zitierte Basiswerk zur hermetischen Symbolik auch deutschsprachigen Liebhabern der Kunst zur Verfügung.
    Wie im MUTUS LIBER benutzt der wichtige Index die traditionell barocken operativen Ausdrücke. Der bibliographische Anhang bringt deutsche Erstausgaben der Traktate, die in dem berühmten Buch erwähnt werden, das nun endlich in moderner und dennoch ganz traditioneller Deutscher Sprache vorliegt.

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  • Dall'aldilà, grazie alla scrittura automatica medianica, due guide spirituali superiori scrivono questo libro, riunendo così una serie di aforismi e testi. Dei messaggi che ci fanno capire l'importanza dell'amore, della fede e del comportamento che ognuno di noi dovrebbe tenere durante la vita terrena. Seguendo i loro consigli il «ritorno a casa», dopo la nostra morte, sarà perfetto e meraviglioso.

    «Quando si ha paura della morte, si ha paura delle proprie origini. Quando si ha paura di morire, si ha paura di tornare a casa.» (Callisto)

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  • We may often wonder, «Are my prayers effective? Is God listening?» Offering wisdom and insight selected from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, this inspirational book discusses ways by which we can deepen the power of our prayers and make them a daily source of love, strength, and guidance. A beautifully designed devotional guide that will inspire those of all faiths.

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  • Paramahansa Yogananda's Collected Talks and Essays present in-depth discussions of the vast range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated millions in his Autobiography of a Yogi. Readers will find these talks alive with the unique blend of all-embracing wisdom, practical encouragement, and love for humanity that have made the author one of our era's most revered and trusted guides to the spiritual life.

    Man's Eternal Quest is a book about God: about God's place in man's life; in his hopes, will, aspirations, accomplishments. Life, man, achievement - all are but manifestations of the one omnipresent Creator, as inseparably dependent on Him as the wave is dependent on the ocean. Paramahansa Yogananda explains why and how man was created by God, and how he is immutably a part of God, and what this means to each one personally. Realization of the oneness of man and his Creator is the whole essence of Yoga. An understanding of man's inescapable need for God, in every aspect of living, removes the otherworldliness from religion and makes knowing God the basis of a scientific and practical approach to life.

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  • A collection of sayings, anecdotes, and words of wisdom - Paramahansa Yogananda's candid and loving responses to those who came to him for counsel. These brief vignettes offer the reader an opportunity to share in these personal conversations and experiences with him. Shining from every page are his compassionate understanding of humanity and his deep love for God.

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  • In this unprecedented masterwork of inspiration, Paramahansa Yogananda takes the reader on a profoundly enriching journey through the four Gospels. Verse by verse, he illumines the universal path to oneness with God taught by Jesus to his immediate disciples but obscured through centuries of misinterpretation: how to become like Christ, how to resurrect the Eternal Christ within one's self.

    This landmark work transcends divisive sectarianism to reveal a unifying harmony underlying all true religions. A groundbreaking synthesis of East and West, it imparts the life-transforming realization that each of us can experience for ourselves the promised Second Coming - awakening of the all-fulfilling Divine Consciousness latent within our souls.

    Yogananda said, «In titling this work The Second Coming of Christ, I am not referring to a literal return of Jesus to earth. He came two thousand years ago and, after imparting a universal path to God's kingdom, was crucified and resurrected; his reappearance to the masses now is not necessary for the fulfillment of his teachings. What is necessary is for the cosmic wisdom and divine perception of Jesus to speak again through each one's own experience and understanding of the infinite Christ Consciousness that was incarnate in Jesus. That will be his true Second Coming.

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  • Philosophers and religious scholars the world over have sought to answer the question of why a loving God permits evil. In these pages, Paramahansa Yogananda provides strength and solace for times of adversity by explaining the mysteries of God's lila, or divine drama. Readers will come to understand the reason for the dualistic nature of creation - God's interplay of good and evil - and receive guidance on how to rise above the most challenging circumstances.

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  • A practical handbook that gives readers a reassuring sense of direction in times of uncertainty or crisis, as well as positive guidance in meeting the challenges of everyday life.

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  • This beautiful book opens a mystical window on the devotional experience of ecstasy. Sharing soul-awakening prayers and affirmations born directly of his high personal state of God-communion, the celebrated author of Autobiography of a Yogi shows readers how to achieve their own ecstatic perception of the Divine. Yogananda said, "Let every beat of my heart be a new word in my endless love lyric to Thee. May every sound from my lips carry secret vibrations of Thy voice. Let my every thought be bliss-saturated with Thy presence."

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  • Here is an original synthetic treatise upon the Twelve Aphorisms revealed to a perfect Saint Meikandar. The Tamil word 'Meikandar' means 'Sathya Dharshi' or the 'Truth Seer' who, being a perfect Yogi and a divine Jnani, speaks from within the highest and the purest truth about the three eternal entities - God, Soul and the Universe.

    This book guides the seekers and thinkers of the Eternal Truth, who strive to master the quintessence of the Agama Siddhanta and Tantra works of our ancient sages. Critically viewed, metaphysics deserves a very subtle interpretative medium of expression and our author exquisitely levels his medium to the spiritual interior of higher experience.

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  • In this classic spiritual guide, Paramahansa Yogananda dispels the myth that God is beyond our reach. He points out that it is not only possible to talk with God but to receive definite responses to our prayers.

    Defining the Lord as both the transcendent, universal Spirit and the intimately personal Father, Mother, Friend, and Lover of all, he helps us to realize how close that infinite and all-loving Being is to each one of us. He also explains how we can make our prayers so powerful and persuasive that they will bring a tangible response.

    How You Can Talk with God is a favorite of spiritual seekers around the world, showing readers how to pray with greater intimacy to create a deep and fulfilling personal relationship with the Divine. This is a book to keep by the bedside, discovering with each reading new gems of inspiration and wisdom.

  • Faites une petite prière:
    Des cartes à emporter avec vous pour vous rappeler ce qui est vraiment important Say a Little Prayer (Faites une petite prière) offre un moyen original et moderne de renouer avec le spirituel dans notre monde trépidant. En unissant les traditions spirituelles à travers l'espace et le temps, le directeur artistique Giovanni Bianco mondialement connu (GB65) présente dix séries colorées de cartes liées à dix traditions spirituelles du monde entier: le candomblé brésilien, le bouddhisme, le catholicisme, le confucianisme, l'hindouisme, le judaïsme, à la kabbale, l'islam, le protestantisme et le shintoïsme.

    10 jeux de 11 cartes (6 x 8,4 cm) dans un boîtier en plexiglas.

  • Un jour Paramahansa Yogananda demanda à Ma Anandamayi [1896-1982] de lui raconter quelque chose sur sa vie :
    Ma : Père, il y a peu chose à dire. Ma conscience ne s'est jamais associée avec ce corps éphémère. Avant de venir sur cette terre, Père, " j'étais la même. " Je devins une femme et pourtant " j'étais la même. " Lorsque la famille dans laquelle j'avais pris naissance fit des arrangements pour que je me marie, " j'étais la même. " Et en face de vous, Père, " je suis la même. " Et même plus tard, lorsque la danse de la création sera devenue pour moi éternité, " Je serai la même. " Cet ouvrage contient plus de 70 superbes photographies [en noir & blanc et en couleur] de Ma, qui furent prises à différentes périodes de sa vie. Chaque photographie est accompagnée d'une citation de son enseignement traduite en trois langues : français, anglais et allemand. On médite devant une photo, mais qu'est-ce qu'une photo ? Du papier, pourtant, une foi pure issue de la méditation, révèlera la présence du Seigneur à travers cette image.
    Le thème central de son enseignement, formulé sous des formes infiniment variées, est le suivant : " Le but suprême de tout être humain est d'aspirer à la réalisation du Soi. Toutes les autres obligations sont secondaires. " Ma Anandamayi vivait une vie centrée sur Dieu, et ce vécu lui-même se ressent à travers ses paroles et ses photographies.

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  • Paramahansa Yogananda's Collected Talks and Essays present in-depth discussions of the vast range of inspiring and universal truths that have captivated millions in his Autobiography of a Yogi.
    The Divine Romance includes nearly fifty talks and essays by Paramahansa Yogananda. Readers will find these talks alive with the unique blend of all-embracing wisdom, encouragement, and love for humanity that have made the author one of our era's most trusted guides to the spiritual life.

    The second book in a trilogy, which includes, Man's Eternal Quest and Journey to Self-realization - each of which are packed with information covering a vast range of spiritual topics - The Divine Romance speaks to the deepest needs of the human soul. The great master reveals how we can meet the daily challenges to our physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being - by awakening our divine nature, the neglected reality at the core of our being.

    Yogananda said, «The greatest romance you can have is the romance with God..He is the Lover and our souls are the beloved, and when the soul meets the greatest Lover of the universe, then the eternal romance begins. The love that you have been seeking for incarnations through all human loves is at last yours.»

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  • This extraordinary treatise explores parallel passages from the Bible and the Hindu scriptures to reveal the essential unity of all religions. Swami Sri Yukteswar, the revered guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, outlines the universal path that every human being must travel to enlightenment. He also explains the vast recurring cycles of civilization (yugas), affording a profound understanding of history and the ever-changing panorama of turbulent world events.

    The Holy Science demonstrates, by explanation of parallel passages from the Hindu and Christian scriptures, the essen­tial unity of the great religious teachings of East and West. With incomparable wisdom and discernment, Sri Yukteswar explains the universal evolution of consciousness, energy, and matter - the entire spectrum of experience that we call «life.» The author provides an authoritative foundation for a purely holistic view of man and the universe - and shows how that view supports the principles of natural living in body, mind, and soul. Rooted in the deepest truths of religion, it yet offers practical advice for fulfillment in everyday living, by delineating the physical, mental, moral, and spiritual principles that govern the expansion of human consciousness.

  • An amplification by Paramahansa Yogananda of his maiden speech in America - the historic talk that introduced his teachings to the Western World. He points out the universality of the world's religions and explains why the answers to the ultimate questions of life lie in the direct personal experience of a Higher Reality. Includes a detailed discussion of the scientific basis of yoga meditation.

  • In this remarkable book, Paramahansa Yogananda reveals the hidden yoga of the Gospels and confirms that Jesus, like the ancient sages and masters of the East, not only knew yoga but taught this universal science of God-realization to his closest disciples.

    Compiled from the author's highly praised two-volume work, The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You, this insightful and compact book transcends the centuries of dogma and misunderstanding that have obscured the original teachings of Jesus, showing that he taught a unifying path by which seekers of all faiths can enter the kingdom of God.

  • An inspiring and concise introduction to the spiritual truths of India's most beloved scripture, these selections from Paramahansa Yogananda's critically acclaimed two-volume translation of and commentary on the Bhagavad Gita (God Talks With Arjuna) explain how the step-by-step methods of yoga meditation and right action enable us to achieve union with Spirit and ultimate liberation.

    This book also features, for the first time in continuous sequence, the complete text of Yogananda's original translation of the Bhagavad Gita.

  • About the Bhagavad Gita.
    The Bhagavad Gita has been revered by truth-seekers of both the East and West, yet its deepest meaning, cloaked in allegory, has remained obscure. In God Talks With Arjuna, Paramahansa Yogananda offers a translation and commentary of unparalleled scope and vision.
    Exploring the Gita's psychological, spiritual, and metaphysical depths, he reveals the innermost essence of this majestic scripture while presenting an enlightening and deeply encouraging guide to who we are, why we were created, and our place and purpose in the vast cosmic scheme of things.
    «The words of Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita,» writes Paramahansa Yogananda, «are at once a profound scripture on the science of yoga, union with God, and a textbook for everyday living.» The Great Battle of Life.
    Elucidating on the Gita's primary metaphor of inner battle, Sri Yogananda writes, «From the moment of conception to the surrender of the last breath, man has to fight in each incarnation innumerable battles: biological, hereditary, bacteriological, physiological, climatic, social, ethical, political, sociological, psychological, metaphysical - so many varieties of inner and outer conflicts. Competing for victory in every encounter are the forces of good and evil. The whole intent of the Gita is to align man's efforts on the side of dharma, or righteousness. The ultimate aim is Self-realization, the realization of man's true Self, the soul, as made in the image of God, one with the ever-existing, ever-conscious, ever-new bliss of Spirit.»

  • «Peace emanates from the soul, and is the sacred inner environment in which true happiness unfolds..» - Paramahansa Yogananda For all who feel that stress and nervousness are an unavoidable fact of modern life, Paramahansaji reminds us that within each of us is an inner core of peace that we can learn to access at will.
    His sage and encouraging counsel shows us how to:

    - Overcome fear, worry, anger, nervousness, moodiness - Stay calmly present and actively focused, no matter what is going on around us - Experience the expansive timelessness and beauty of each moment.

  • Living Fearlessly teaches us how to break the shackles of fear and reveals how we can overcome our own psychological stumbling blocks.

    Filled with life-transforming counsel and proven yoga techniques for tuning out fear, this concise book features informal talks and personal anecdotes complemented by parable and prayer. Living Fearlessly is a testament to what we can become if we but have faith in the divinity of our true nature as the soul.

    Wisdom Gems.
    «You are a child of God. What have you to fear?» «There is always a way out of your trouble; and if you take the time to think clearly, to think how to get rid of the cause of your anxiety instead of just worrying about it, you become a master.» «Do you ever think that you have been completely unsettled by circumstances - ruffled, shattered, whipped, lacking power? Banish such thoughts! You have power; you do not use it. You have all the power you need. There is nothing greater than the power of the mind.»