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  • Dreaming big propels you forward. But it is often a bumpy road. In this book, two remarkable women unravel 15 persistent myths about the path to success and finding happiness in life and work, both from their own experiences and from their daily interactions with professionals. They want to encourage people to set themselves free from such myths and to pursue their dreams with confidence and optimism. In this inspiring book they share their personal stories, stimulating testimonies, and relevant scientific knowledge.

    Is the perfect job out there? How do you define success? Is it only about climbing the ladder? Does everything have to be planned out, preferably before your thirties? And what about so-called work-life balance? Discover their answers to all of these questions, and so much more.

    A book about dreaming big, lifelong learning, and daring to jump.

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  • Le cancer de la peau gagne du terrain. D'après les estimations, 2 500 patients seraient diagnostiqués chaque année d'un mélanome malin. Un bon dépistage et un traitement rapide sont tous deux très importants. Mais bien souvent, il est possible de prévenir le cancer de la peau en adoptant un mode de vie plus sain. Cet ouvrage apporte des réponses aux questions les plus fréquemment posées sur cette maladie. Quels sont les risques réels du banc solaire ? À quel moment doit-on faire un dépistage ? Quels sont les diférents traitements possibles ?

  • Dreamers who do

    Hilde Helsen

    "Comment identifier clairement le rêve qui vit en vous ?
    Quels sont les obstacles que vous rencontrez et comment ouvrir la voie vers la réalisation de votre rêve ?
    Comment aider les gens autour de vous qui se posent les mêmes questions ?

    Trouver le chemin qui mène à son rêve est tout un art. Convaincue que chacun dispose du potentiel nécessaire pour réaliser son rêve, Hilde Helsen traduit sa riche expérience personnelle en un modèle exploitable en quatre étapes.

    Pour ce faire, elle s'appuie sur la puissance et l'authenticité de la musique de Lenny Kravitz et réunit les idées de penseurs contemporains tels que Simon Sinek, Maya Angelou, George Kohlrieser et William Ury. Chapitre après chapitre, des oeuvres de l'artiste Koen Vanmechelen viennent jalonner le parcours.

    Au fil de votre lecture, Dreamers who Do crée un climat de sécurité vous encourageant à passer à l'action, pour vous et pour les autres, aussi bien dans votre vie privée que professionnelle."

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  • Qu'est-ce qui donne de la force aux gens ? Qu'est ce qui contribue à leur résilience ? Qu'est ce qui leur donne de l'énergie et du courage.

  • Childbirth deeply affects the life of a woman and her partner. Fortunately the effect is usually a positive one. Many people declare the day their child was born as the most beautiful day of their lives. However, giving birth can also be a negative experience, with long-term consequences. This book explains how a negative birthing might affect you, your relationship with your baby and your partner. With the help of practical exercises and honest accounts from women who have overcome birth trauma themselves, you will learn to process this experience and restore your inner balance. Described as "The first and taboo-breaking book on negative birthing experience", this book will provide a pillar for many women, who have been suffering in silence for too long.

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  • "I think, therefore I am", Descartes wrote in the seventeenth century. As a result of all that thinking, our society has changed spectacularly. But in our success in designing space shuttles and robots, and in living our lives with ever increasing efficiency, we have somehow started overlooking the fact that people are made up of much more than just their minds.

    The unexpected downside of society's frantic progress and its focus on reason is that many people are left feeling stressed and empty. Both at work and at home, they are confronted with huge levels of expectation that they simply cannot meet. The time has come to rediscover one's true self.

    By asking the right questions, this book will help you find out who you really are, to define what motivates you and what you stand for. It will allow you to develop the necessary resilience to direct the story of your life, even during difficult times. After all, it is only when our being and our actions match perfectly that we can be true to ourselves and successful at the same time, both professionally and personnaly.

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  • Anglais Dare to jump ENG

    Cedric Dumont

    • Lannoo
    • 3 Septembre 2020

    Empower success in disruptive times.
    Set your priorities.
    Create resilience, embrace change.
    Accept your fear.
    Use uncertainty to reinvent yourself.
    Own your actions.
    Discover the Why Power.
    Give up control.
    Stop wishing, start doing Shift towards a mindset without limits.

    Experienced base jumpers and other extreme athletes share a guiding principle: selfawareness. The way you think and the choices you make determine who you are and who you become. If you know yourself you are decisive, you dare to take risks, you follow your own path and you are open to change. In this way, your fear can motivate you to push your limits. This principle also applies to professionals who strive for high performance from themselves and from their teams. If you want a positive drive behind your performance, and you really want to reach your next level, you must get to know yourself.

    Dare to Jump helps you overcome your fear and offers three power skills in becoming the best version of yourself: a limitless mindset, a laser focus and creating trust. It teaches you why focus is the new IQ, how you can train yourself to get into a state of flow, and how to build trust without limits within your team.

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  • Insta Grammar, the best of Instagram, in a perpetual calendar, offline.

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  • Hitching a ride on the back of today's cute babies and animals trend that's flooding Instagram, Cute shows you the most original posts and cutest images that will leave no one untouched.

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  • <a href=''>Aussi disponible en version ebook</a>;;;<a href=''>Aussi disponble sur iBookstore</a> Un coach professionnel est votre guide pour... <strong>Ã?tablir un cadre de coaching et un contrat de coaching</strong> ... préciser la nature et l étendue exactes de sa mission, par rapport à celles de consultant, formateur, ... ; ... se tenir à l'obligation de confidentialité et au respect des normes éthiques ; ... fixer le cadre et le contenu spécifique de l'entretien de coaching. <strong>Assurer un accompagnement cocréatif</strong> ... créer un climat de confiance pour reconnaître ENSEMBLE les freins qui empêchent d'atteindre l'objectif fixé ; ... se montrer aussi « apprenant » que son client, tout en restant l'expert dans l'accompagnement des processus de changement et d'évolution. <strong>Ã?tre pleinement présent</strong> ... faire preuve d'une vraie curiosité