• How can a drug that makes people fall madly in love be a bad thing?

    So thinks Professor Bacci when he inadvertently unlocks the biochemical key to falling in love, and develops a drug capable of creating emotions indistinguishable from the real thing.

    Determined that the world should benefit from his discovery, he seeks funding and business advice from a private Swiss bank, owned by the secretive Kappel family. Unknown to Bacci, however, Helmut Kappel sees love as a sickness to be exploited, and has his own plan for abusing the drug's power - a cynical nightmare of breathtaking arrogance far removed from Bacci's naive dream of spreading love around the world.

    Ripped from tomorrow's headlines, The Venus Conspiracy is Michael Cordy's latest glimpse of a compelling future where even human emotions can be bought and where true love can be faked...

  • Anglais The Crime Code

    Michael Cordy

    The year is 2008. Violent crime has become a global epidemic, nowhere more so than in the United States. Everything from the death penalty to liberal reforms has failed. Nothing has been effective. Until now.

    Project Conscience promises to be the solution. It is a bold attempt by a powerful group of scientists, politicians and senior law-enforcement personnel to use gene therapy to treat male criminals and cure violent crime. But among their number are those with a more sinister agenda, who would go further and turn the dream of Project Conscience into the nightmare of Crime Zero.

    Luke Decker, a criminal psychologist disillusioned with the growing dependence on genetic science, is on the verge of resigning from the FBI when a death-row killer's whispered revelation threatens everything he believes in and catapults him into the heart of the conspiracy. Decker's only ally is Dr Kathy Kerr, an old flame and ideological adversary, and the geneticist behind the original Project Conscience.

    Together they must put aside their differences to fight against a scheme so ruthless in intent and so vast in scope that it will irrevocably change the evolution of mankind itself.

    Crime Zero is a terrifyingly credible thriller based on technological developments that are already with us. At its core is the story of one man's desperate fight for self-determination and free will in a world where such qualities are in danger of imminnt extinction . . .

  • Where five senses meet, a sixth is born...

    In a quiet, residential neighbourhood of Portland, Oregon, an unknown young woman uncovers a shocking crime scene by inexplicably sensing the evil within its walls. To the police, she is a mystery. She can't even tell them her own name. They christen her Jane Doe.

    Suffering terrifying hallucinations, Jane is assigned to Nathan Fox, a forensic psychiatrist struggling with his own demons. Together they must piece together the jigsaw that is Jane's identity.

    Then a sequence of brutal killings terrorizes the city and Fox learns that Jane is the only cryptic link between the unrelated victims. To solve the murders, Fox must discard his black and white preconceptions, look beyond the spectrum of normal human experience and confront the dark truth of her past...and his own.

  • Anglais The Source

    Michael Cordy

    It's not a myth. It exists. Find it.

    Ambitious geologist Ross Kelly has it all:a lucrative career searching for oil across the world and a beautiful, brilliant wife, Lauren, pregnant with their first child. But when Lauren, a Yale academic, deciphers the university's mysterious Voynich manuscript, which has confounded experts for centuries, everything changes.

    An attempt to steal her translation of the Voynich leaves Lauren and their unborn child hovering on the brink of death, and Ross in the depths of despair. Encounters with a sinister Vatican priest and then a mysterious nun convince Ross to seek salvation in the four-and-a-half-centuries-old manuscript, which chronicles the ill-fated discovery of a mythic, fabulous garden, deep in the jungles of the New World:an Eden so terrible and miraculous it rewrites the book of Genesis and defies all reason.

    Although everyone tells him the story is surely an allegory, the possibility of the garden's existence offers Ross the only hope of saving Lauren and their unborn child.With a ragbag group of confederates, each with their own motivations, he decides to seek the garden out before it's too late.

    But he is not alone.

    Racing against time, a lethal assassin and a fanatical priest desperate to claim the miraculous garden for his church, Ross's quest will lead him eventually to a place that might challenge everything he ever thought about the source of lie on earth.

  • Anglais The Messiah Code

    Michael Cordy

    A Nobel geneticist confronts a ruthless messianic cult in the Middle East, in the suspenseful story of one man's dangerous, determined, global odyssey to save his daughter's life, using the power of modern technology as well as the ancient miracle of healing, a quest in which the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Originally published as The Miracle Strain. Reissue.

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  • 1912. Wilfrid Voynich fait l'acquisition dans un collège jésuite d'un mystérieux ouvrage, au texte codé et aux illustrations singulières. Depuis lors, nombre de cryptologues et d'experts ont tenté en vain de déchiffrer le désormais célèbre code Voynich. 2008. Au Vatican, le père Torino, un haut dignitaire jésuite, découvre dans les archives de l'Inquisition les actes d'un obscur procès en hérésie qui s'est déroulé en 1560, celui d'un prêtre ayant accompagné les conquistadors espagnols dans leur conquête de l'Empire inca. Peu avant son exécution, ses geôliers avaient trouvé dans sa cellule un manuscrit écrit dans une langue cryptée. Le manuscrit Voynich ? C'est sur les traces de ce secret, dissimulé en Amazonie, que vont se lancer au péril de leur vie le père Torino et Pete Ross, le mari d'une universitaire qui a peut-être percé à jour le code Voynich. Un thriller érudit et passionnant.

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  • Crime zero

    Michael Cordy

  • How can a drug that makes people fall madly in love be a bad thing? So thinks Professor Bacci when he inadvertently unlocks the biochemical key to falling in love, and develops a drug capable of creating emotions indistinguishable from the real thing. This work presents a glimpse of future where true love can be faked.

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  • This book concisely reviews our current understanding of hypoxia, molecular targeting, DNA repair, cancer stem cells, and tumor pathophysiology, while also discussing novel strategies for putting these findings into practice in daily clinical routine. Radiotherapy is an important part of modern multimodal cancer treatment, and the past several years have witnessed not only substantial improvements in radiation techniques and the use of new beam qualities, but also major strides in our understanding of molecular tumor biology and tumor radiation response. Against this backdrop, the book highlights recent efforts to identify reasonable and clinically applicable biomarkers using broad-spectrum tissue microarrays and high-throughput systems biology approaches like genomics and epigenomics. In particular, it describes in detail how such molecular information is now being exploited for diagnostic imaging and imaging throughout treatment using the example of positron emission tomography. By discussing all these issues in the context of modern radiation oncology, the book provides a broad, up-to-date overview of the molecular aspects of radiation oncology that will hopefully foster its further optimization.