• Une nouvelle forme de cancer, provoquée par un mystérieux virus commence à faire des victimes au Japon. Pourquoi l'épidémie frappe-t-elle en priorité des informaticiens de haut niveau ? Y aurait-il un lien avec La Boucle, ce gigantesque projet nippo-américain de simulation en réalité virtuelle ?

  • Sadako

    Koji Suzuki

    Takanori Andô, graphiste spécialiste de l'analyse d'image, reçoit une vidéo amateur montrant un suicide à l'intérieur d'un appartement banal. Son client souhaite déterminer s'il s'agit d'un véritable suicide ou d'une mise en scène de génie. À chaque visionnage de la vidéo, Takanori se rend compte que le cadre de l'image se décale très légèrement, permettant de voir jusqu'au visage du suicidé : Seiji Kashiwada. Ce dernier est un serial killer condamné à la peine de mort pour le meurtre de quatre fillettes, douze ans plus tôt, et dont l'exécution a eu lieu peu de temps auparavant...
    Takanori se lance dans une enquête effrayante tandis que d'étranges phénomènes envahissent sa vie et celle de sa compagne.
    Kôji Suzuki est considéré comme le " Stephen King japonais ". Sa série Ring ainsi que Dark Water ont été adaptés au cinéma et ont connu un succès international.

  • Anglais Loop

    Koji Suzuki

    Stunning Japanese novel with a chilling twist - the follow-up to Ring and Spiral.

  • Anglais Ring

    Koji Suzuki

    Stunning Japanese thriller with a chilling supernatural twist. The novel that inspired the cult Japanese movie and the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name.Asakawa is a hardworking journalist who has climbed his way up from local-news beat reporter to writer for his newspaper's weekly magazine. A chronic workaholic, he doesn't take much notice when his seventeen-year-old niece dies suddenly - until a chance conversation reveals that another healthy teenager died at exactly the same time, in chillingly similar circumstances.Sensing a story, Asakawa begins to investigate, and soon discovers that this strange simultaneous sudden-death syndrome also affected another two teenagers. Exactly one week before their mysterious deaths the four teenagers all spent the night at a leisure resort in the same log cabin.When Asakawa visits the resort, the mystery only deepens. A comment made in the guest book by one of the teenagers leads him to a particular vidoetape with a portentous message at the end:Those who have viewed these images are fated to die at this exact hour one week from now.Asakawa finds himself in a race against time - he has only seven days to find the cause of the teenagers' deaths before it finds him. The hunt puts him on the trail of an apocalytpic power that will force Asakawa to choose between saving his family and saving civilization.

  • Anglais Spiral

    Koji Suzuki

    Stunning Japanese thriller with a chilling supernatural twist - the follow-up to Ring.

  • Anglais Dark Water

    Koji Suzuki

    A selection of deliciously spooky short stories from the Japanese master of suspense, the acclaimed author of RING. The film DARK WATER is based on the first story in the collection.Suzuki demonstrates the power of his psychological insight into the mechanics of fear in this highly atmospheric collection of stories unified by the theme of water.Following her divorce, Yoshimi Matsubara lives with her five-year-old daughter Ikuko in a depressing and damp apartment block on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. But when a child's red bag keeps turning up in unexpected places, Yoshino's sanity seems to be threatened, and she soon begins to fear that her daughter's life is at risk.Kensuke Suehiro jumps at the chance to visit a restricted island in Tokyo Bay, about which he once heard a rather strange story. But when he arrives, he finds far more than he bargained for.Fisherman Hiroyuki is embittered and unhappy in his marriage. But getting rid of his wife turns out to be anything but easy, especially when his own boat seems to be against him.Family man Sugiyama finds himself trapped in an underwater cave. Can he find a way to communicate with his beloved son one last time?Just four examples from this beautifully crafted collection of stories filled with suspense, tension and drama. A perfect introduction to one of Japan's top literary stars.

  • Anglais EDGE

    Koji Suzuki

    Edge begins with a massive and catastrophic shifting of the San Andreas fault. The fears of California someday tumbling into the sea--that have become the stuff of parody--become real. But even the terror resulting from this catastrophe pales in comparison to the understanding behind its happening, a cataclysm extending beyond mankind's understanding of horror as it had previously been known. The world is falling apart because things are out of joint at the quantum level, about which of course there's never been any guarantee that everything has to remain stable.
    Koji Suzuki returns to the genre he's most famous for after many years of "not wanting to write any more horror." As expected from Suzuki, the chills are of a more cerebral, psychological sort, arguably more unsettling and scary than the slice-and-dice gore fests that horror has become known in the U.S. Never content to simply do "Suzuki"--as it were--but rather push the envelope on what horror is in general and for which readers have come to know him, Edge City borders on being cutting-edge science fiction. The author himself terms this novel, which he has worked on for some years, a work of "quantum horror."

  • Death and the Flower is a collection of six short stories centered on the themes of family and peril. The title is derived from a Keith Jarrett album of the same name.

  • Anglais S

    Koji Suzuki

    Twenty-one years after the legendary bestseller Ring, which spawned blockbuster films on both sides of the Pacific, and thirteen years after Birthday, the seeming last word on iconic villain Sadako and her containment, internationally acclaimed master of horror and Shirley Jackson Award-winner Koji Suzuki makes his much-awaited return to the famed trilogy’s mind-blowing story world with a new novel, S.
    Takanori Ando, son of Spiral protagonist Mitsuo, works at a small CGI production company and hopes to become a filmmaker one day despite coming from a family of doctors. When he’s tasked by his boss to examine a putatively live-streamed video of a suicide that’s been floating around the internet, the aspiring director takes on more than he bargained for. His lover Akane, an orphan who grew up at a foster-care facility and is now a rookie high-school teacher, ends up watching the clip. She is pregnant, and she is…triggered.
    Sinking hooks into our unconscious from its very first pages with its creepy imagery, and rewarding curious fans of the series with clever self-references, here is a fitting sequel to a tale renowned for its ongoing mutations.

  • An interdisciplinary study of the Kuroshio nutrient stream  The surface water of the Kuroshio, a western boundary current in the North Pacific Ocean, is nutrient-depleted and has relatively low primary productivity, yet abundant fish populations are supported in the region. This is called the "Kuroshio Paradox".  Kuroshio Current: Physical, Biogeochemical and Ecosystem Dynamics presents research from a multidisciplinary team that conducted observational and modeling studies to investigate this contradiction. This timely and important contribution to the ocean sciences literature provides a comprehensive analysis of the Kuroshio.  Volume highlights include:  New insights into the role of the Kuroshio as a nutrient stream The first interdisciplinary examination of the Kuroshio Paradox Reflections on the influence of the Kuroshio on Japanese culture Research results on both the lower and higher trophic levels in the Kuroshio ecosystem Comparisons of nutrient dynamics in the Kuroshio and Gulf Stream Predictions of ecosystem responses to future climate variability