• A young boy is kidnapped and his captors make outrageous ransom demands. Desperate, the boy's father calls upon his estranged brother-in-law for help. Yosef Abuhatseira is the perfect man for the job: an Israeli patriot, a born hunter, a one-man army of survival skills. Yet nothing Yosef has ever experienced can prepare him for what the rescue mission reveals. The kidnapping, it seems, is only the beginning. Soon a series of killings leads Yosef to the sickening realization that someone is murdering survivors of Auschwitz. Now he must penetrate the deadly wall of secrecy that surrounds the organization responsible, before they can let loose another Final Solution on humanity.

  • Within days of his attempted murder, David Rosen, an American archaeologist, learns that his parents and four of his colleagues have been killed. Convinced that the deaths are linked, Rosen and Leyla, the beautiful Palestinian guide who becomes his lover, are quickly involved in trying to stop a scheme intended to bring about the destruction of Israel and the rebirth of the Nazi Reich.

  • Egypt 1999. Plagues sweep North Africa, terrorists lay waste to Europe. Men all over the globe are haunting by the same portentous dream. Towering over the heart of the apocalyptic upheaval is a mysterious figure known as al-Qurtubi. Is he the Antichrist? The Pope believes so, and is willing to sacrifice everything to defeat him.

    Only two people can stop al-Qurtubi. A'isha Manfaludi, a beautiful archaeologist and Michael Hunt, a retired British Intelligence agent. Their pursuit of the mysterious figure leads them on a perilous journey across a blood-soaked wilderness of death squads to the rat-infested sewers of the City of the Dead. But al-Qurtubi is not alone. He and his army of devoted followers are waiting.

  • In an Iranian suburb, seven men meet a macabre and voluntary death. They choose to die rather than be captured and interrogated, leaving only one mysterious clue to their identities and mission. Seven more immediately take their place, to carry out the task of assassinating seven rulers, including the U.S. President. One thing stands in their way, CIA agent Peter Randall.

  • Returning from a trip abroad to find the bodies of voodoo practitioners buried alive in her Brooklyn apartment, Haitian-born artist Angelina Hammel asks streetwise cop Reuben Abrams for help.

  • In near-future Ireland the members of the Muslim Leaders Conference are being held to ransom by a reincarnated David Koresh. Head of security, Decian Carberry, endeavours to get to the bottom of the hellish situation.

  • The inexplicable kidnapping of young William Wylam is the opening shot of a very personal war for his father. Wylam pursues the kidnappers to India, and then into the snowclad vastness of Tibet. Caught up in a deadly international intrigue, the boy may now be held inside a hidden Buddhist monastery. With the beautiful Chindamani--not quite a goddess but no mere mortal--Wylam fights desperately to resue his son, seen by some as the reincarnation whose special role has been prophesied, used by others as a convenient pawn in a war of unfolding nightmares.

  • Professor Jack Goodrich has a job in Cairo and a happy family life with his wife and ten-year-old daughter. When he's offered the chance to authenticate potentially priceless artefacts, including a sword, he thinks his dreams have come true. But as soon as they are in his possession, the nightmare begins with the death of his wife and daughter.

  • 1942. Entrenched in the searing sands of Libya, a group of soldiers uncover a tomb. Buried in the ancient dust they find a macabre crown of thorns and the devastatingly powerful Spear of Destiny. They've discovered the last resting place of Christ. 2002. Gerald Usherwood and his old army pal Max Chippendale reunite to trade stories and spread Christmas cheer. But dark shadows visit the old friends in the dead of night and make them pay the ultimate price for the secrets they stole. Gerald's grandson, DCI Ethan Usherwood, is left to piece together the mystery behind the killings and to uncover the treasure they kept hidden for so many years. A desperate hunt for the ultimate truth, Spear of Destiny is undeniably Daniel Easterman's most powerful thriller to date.