• Anglais Antestament


    • Mcl
    • 20 Mai 2010

      Have you ever heard of a detective novel in which the murderer is the reader ?
    Of course not! Because Antestament is the only thriller in the world to possess this characteristic.
    Will you be smarter than the others and find the key to this plot before the end of the story?
    Try anyway... but at your own risk...  " This script was really difficult to build. It took me five years to find the key which would not only allow the killer to be the reader but also make the story captivating, even for a reader knowing, right from the beginning, that he is the killer. When you read Antestamentfor the second time, you can then discover all my little narrative tricks which, disseminated throughout the novel, put the pieces of the great jigsaw together again. I wish you as much pleasure in the reading as I had in the writing." (Metantropo)  

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