• Edie Evans is sick of being treated like a kid. And she doesn't,
    repeat, doesn't need a babysitter! And then along comes the strange,
    the shy, the captivating Alice B. Lovely. But is she too good
    to be true?

  • Bursting with energy and exuberance, FINTAN FEDORA is a delightfully
    silly page-turner.

    In the deepest, darkest jungle grows something of such immense value
    that men will do ANYTHING to get their hands on it: the elusive
    and delicious chocoplum! Well-meaning but hapless Fintan Fedora
    is determined to prove to his father, owner of the Fedora Fancy
    Food Company, that he will one day be good enough to take over the
    family business - so he sets out to find the rare chocoplum before
    anyone else. Little does Fintan know that there are two totally
    incompetent kidnappers on his tail, as well as an evil business
    mogul who wants the chocoplum for himself...

  • Anglais Katie's Big Match

    Webb Holly

    TRIPLETS is a much-loved series from a bestselling author, Holly
    Webb, rejacketed for a new generation of fans.

    Katie's been selected for the school girls' football team, and she's
    over the moon! If only Dad could be here to see her make it to
    the league final... But then disaster strikes...

  • Anglais Flaming Olympics

    Coleman Michael

    What was the perilous pig chase?
    Which sport includes the 'naked strangle'?
    How did Tarzan become a gold medal winner?

    Find out in this illuminating guide to the games. With 300 quiz questions
    on every Olympic event, it's guaranteed to keep you guessing,
    right up until the closing ceremony!

  • Anglais The Slimy Stuarts

    Deary Terry

    Readers can discover all the foul facts about the SLIMY STUARTS,
    including why some slimy Stuarts ate toads, snails and fleas, which
    king picked his nose and never washed his hands and why people
    wore fish on their feet (bleeugh!). With a bold, accessible new
    look and a heap of extra-horrible bits, these bestselling titles
    are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary

  • There's a new girl in class at Knight's Haddon, and she isn't like anyone the other girls have ever met before. Janet is cool and confident, so Edie is thrilled when they become friends - and when her friendship with Anastasia becomes rocky, Janet is there for her. But when a mischief begins to unfold, Edie begins to wonder who she can trust - and suddenly events take a dangerous turn ...

  • Anglais The Big Wish

    Robshaw Brandon

    Eleven-year-old Sam has a problem. Well, quite a few problems. So when he sees a shooting star, he naturally wishes on it - for a million wishes. Of course, he doesn't expect the wish to come true, but somehow it does. Sam has fun experimenting with wishes - he can change anything he wants. But then he discovers that changing stuff has consequences he hadn't anticipated. And what's the point of doing anything, if you can just wish for it and make it happen?

  • Anglais If You Were Me

    Hepburn Sam

    Not long after Aliya's family escapes Afghanistan for Britain, her brother is accused of a bomb attack. Aliya is sure of his innocence, but when plumber's son Dan finds a gun in their bathroom, what's she to think? Dan has his own reasons for staying silent: he's worried the gun might have something to do with his dad. Thrown together by chance, they set out to uncover a tangled and twisted truth.

  • Anglais The Sound of Whales

    Thomson Kerr

    Three children are spending their summer on a wild Scottish island. Fraser is desperate for adventure; Hayley is fed up she's even there; while Dunny spends his days staring out to sea. He hasn't said a word in years. But everything changes with the discovery of two bodies on the beach: a whale and a man. Fraser and Hayley see a mystery-adventure to be solved, but Dunny is inconsolable. And in the end, it will take someone who listens to the sea to put it right.

  • Anglais Hook's Daughter

    Schulz Heidi

    It's not easy being the daughter of Captain Hook. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn dreams of following in his footsteps - but her grandfather sends her to finishing school instead. When her father meets his unfortunate end, Jocelyn sails to Neverland to avenge his death. But she hadn't bargained on ticking crocodiles, lazy pirates and a trouble-making boy called Peter Pan.

  • Anglais The Honest Truth

    Gemeinhart Dan

    Mark's like any other thirteen-year-old. He loves his dog, taking photos and hiking - but he also has cancer. When his illness returns, Mark decides he's had enough of hospital. With his small dog Beau, he sets out to climb a mountain - and he's not going to give up until he's done it.

  • Anglais The Whisper

    Clayton Emma

    Mika and Ellie have the ability to hear thoughts. Their mission: listening in on the mind of evil Mal Gorman, who's determined to use an age-resisting serum to stay forever young. Forced to play along with his plans, the telepathic twins may be the only people able to release his brainwashed army of children. That's when they begin to hear The Whisper, which tells them they should be fighting fire with fire. This could mean revolution . or war.

  • One hundred and twenty-two began. Only sixty-four remain. Tella's made it through the first terrains of the Brimstone Bleed - but the contest isn't over yet. If she wants to save her brother, she must face oceans and icy mountains, all for the chance of winning the Cure. And even if Tella survives these deadly places, the greatest threat will still be her fellow Contenders - even the ones she trusts the most ...

  • Anglais The Roar

    Clayton Emma

    Twelve-year old twins, Mika and Ellie, live in a future behind a wall - safe from the plague animals beyond. Or so they've been told. But when one of them disappears, and the other takes part in a sinister virtual reality game, they begin to discover their concrete world is built on lies. As they go in search of the truth, and a strange sound in their heads grows to a roar, they find out that children and the planet have never mattered more.

  • With suspicion mounting that the killer in Marsh Bay is in fact a police officer, Charley's flashes take a different turn. Not only is Charley seeing the murder of Kerry Underwood in her mind, she's also receiving a series of haunting text messages from her. Can Kerry lead Charley to the killer from beyond the grave?

  • Risking his reputation and career, Detective Constable Tom Henson takes Charley to the scene of Kerry Underwood's death. Charley is still convinced that what she has seen in her flashes proves that Kerry's death was no accident but the work of a serial killer. ** Part Three released 5th June **

  • Charley has flashes in her mind, psychic snapshots of terrifying events. After the death of her best friend, Charley's flashes become more intense as she sees images of the murder of a teenage girl. But how will Charley ever convince Tom Henson, the new detective in the town of Marsh Bay, to believe she can help him solve the case? ** Part Two released 1st May **

  • Anglais Big Game

    Smith Dan

    13-year-old Oskari is sent into the cold wilderness on an ancient test of manhood. He must survive armed only with a bow and arrow. But instead, he stumbles upon an escape pod from a burning airliner: Air Force One. Terrorists have shot down the President of the United States. The boy hunter and the world's most powerful man are suddenly the hunted, in a race against a deadly enemy.

  • Living in post-war London, Twelve-year-old Alice often escapes into her imagination. But when a new boy called Reggie starts school, her mind begins playing tricks on her. She seems oddly drawn to him and whenever they are together the world becomes a more exciting and colourful place, where imagination appears to becomes real ...

  • Anglais Killing Sound

    Southern Paul

    Jodie is cursed with a terrible gift. She just doesn't know it yet. When she stumbles across one of her dead father's old papers on sound waves in the attic, it sets her on a terrifying journey to find out more, leading her across the streets of London to the dark, untrodden tunnels of the Underground, where she is forced to face the truth. Her worst nightmare is about to become real. Worse, she can hear it coming.

  • Anglais Lucky

    Hill Chris

    When lost red squirrel Lucky finds himself in Albion Park, the native squirrels all around him are bigger, tougher, and much more . grey. He needs all the luck he can find to fit in, and even more to pass the Squirrel Trial that will give him a permanent place in the park. But when Lucky discovers a plot that threatens their home, he'll need more than just good fortune on his side .

  • Anglais Never Say Die

    Tinkler David

    It's 1942, and Hitler has invaded Britain. Twelve-year-old farm boy Benedict Flint has imagined standing up to the Nazis ever since his father was killed and his mother taken away. His chance comes when he rescues top-secret information from a dying British agent - then suddenly, he's Firebrand Flint, an accidental real-life hero who, together with best friend Alfie, joins the British Resistance, determined to restore the exiled teen Queen Elizabeth.

  • Anglais Vendetta

    Doyle Catherine

    When five brothers move into the abandoned mansion next door, Sophie Gracewell's life changes forever. Irresistibly drawn to bad boy Nic, Sophie finds herself falling into an underworld governed by powerful families. When Sophie's own family skeletons come to life, she must choose between two warring dynasties - the one she was born into, and the one she is falling in love with. When she does, blood will spill and hearts will break ...

  • Anglais The Castle

    Bennett Sophia

    Peta Jones is an ordinary girl struggling with the loss of her father, an army hero who died in mysterious circumstances. When she receives clues that he may still be alive, but noone believes her, she embarks on a dangerous rescue across the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean to a clifftop castle, home to a billionaire in exile. Soon Peta discovers that what some people will do for money, she will do for truth and hope.