Policier & Thriller

  • A man is brutally murdered in a dark alley of the oldest part of Perpignan, a sleepy town of Southern France near the Spanish border. He has the bloody mark of a triangle, carved on his cheek, a symbol that intrigues the police especially young Dominique d´Astié, recently promoted Lieutenant on the force.

    A mysterious coded note and a brochure about the Holy Thorns of Christ are found in the victim´s pockets. These clues lead the criminal investigation on an esoteric trail, which will involve Freemasons and other secret Brotherhoods.

    Sur commande
  • For months, Paul had been trailing Deborah Worse, a forgotten star of the French Cinema. He kidnaps and sequesters her in a house near Saissac, in the heart of the Black Mountain. There, far from all habitation, begins an astonishing session behind closed doors where Paul and Deborah struggle in an uncertain combat. From this fierce confrontation, where reality and fiction play out their film, emerges the truth. Moody Blues is the first opus of a trilogy where the unusual Fragoni, ex-cop now working in the private sector, is leading the inquiry.

  • Some mysterious graffiti on the walls of the Castillet, a crowned reptile in Saint Jean Cathedral, the Campo Santo defiled: these are some of the bizarre clues in Lieutenant Dominique d'Astié's latest investigation.
    Is there a link between their symbolism, the enigmatic poems strewn all over the streets of Perpignan and the bloody assassination of «King Arthur Pendragon»?
    The young Parisian police officer, newest member of ?La Police Judiciaire de Perpignan, will need to brush up on the old Arthurian legends if she is to solve this very non-Catalan murder!

    Sur commande