• "It is with a heavy heart that I am commencing this writing journey. Realizing the real-life dystopia we're slowly creating for ourselves and forcing our kids into. What happened to us? When did we switch from sharing genuinely to sharing relentlessly?
    I wonder. What a world we live in. How can adults, in the prime of their lives, try so hard to get the next viral video that they fall to their death at a waterfall? How can we let kids value the number of likes so much that they would mutilate themselves or hurt others for a bad comment or a flat reaction from peers? How can a cat get more views than a doctor trying to cure cancer?  How can two blue ticks, left unanswered, create so much pain? When did we lose focus? How can we reverse this increasingly-malicious tendency, look above our screens and work for the greater good? 
    This book is my way (but there are many other ways I must say) to attempt at a better society, a better world with a better me and a better you. 
    Now, let's unplug intelligently. "
    This book is an actionable book with a simple, weekly accountability system to keep you motivated and focused to achieve one GAD (one Great Awesome Deed) per week. One year to truly share, one year to do good, one year to reboot.