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  • Welcome to Miss Maggie's Kitchen-the charming world of Héloïse Brion-and savor her generous, effortless, and family-style recipes featuring locally sourced, seasonal produce.

    From cocktails and starters to mains and desserts, served against a chic vintage backdrop, nearly 100 original yet simple recipes from Miss Maggie's Kitchen-Avocado Toast with Thyme and White Truffle Oil, Butternut Squash and Sage Galette, Baked Chicken and Peaches, or Decadent Pecan Cake-will make every occasion special.
    The author shares how to create the perfect setting for memorable meals with table settings inspired by nature.

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  • From flaky croissants to paper-thin millefeuille, and from the chestnut cream-filled Paris-Brest to festive yule logs, this comprehensive book leads aspiring pastry chefs through every step? from basic techniques to Michelin-level desserts. Starting with advice on how to equip your kitchen, to the essential doughs, fillings, and decorations, the books covers everything from quick desserts to holiday specialties and from frozen ice creams and sorbets to chocolates. Ferrandi, an internationally-renowned professional culinary school, offers an intensive course in the art of French pastry-making. Written by the school's experienced teaching team of master pâtissiers and adapted for the home chef, this fully illustrated cookbook provides all of the fundamental techniques and recipes that form the building blocks of the illustrious French dessert tradition, explained step by step in text and images. Practical information is presented in tables, diagrams, and sidebars for handy reference. Easy- to-follow recipes are graded for level of difficulty, allowing readers to develop their skills over time. Whether you are an amateur home chef or an experienced professional, this pâtisserie bible provides everything you need to master French pastry-making

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  • Anglais Wild recipes

    Emma Sawko

    Discover Wild & the Moon and their philosophy : "good for you, good for the planet, and delicious ! " #eatwise From creamy konjac noodles to rawliflower salad, and from matcha nice cream to chocolate truffles, these 126 wild recipes are 100% plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, prepared with organic and seasonal ingredients, and bursting with flavor. Also featured : a guide to 18 superfoods ; basic recipes including nondairy mylks, sauces, and cream cheese ; and the author's favorite addresses forveggie-friendly food, shopping, and activities in New York, Paris, and Dubai.

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  • Throughout her long life of gathering friends and family together around the table, Perla Servan-Schreiber has perfected the art of joyful entertaining. Drawing from her Mediterranean roots, her adopted homes in Paris and Provence, and her travels in Asia, she shares more than ninety flexitarian recipes, including Smoky Eggplant Caviar, Soy-Sautéed Shiitakes, a traditional Vietamese Pho, Chestnut Velouté with Porcini, Monkfish Carina, Braised Chicken with Saffron and Fennel, her family's Shakshuka, Raspberry Clafoutis, and Chocolate Truffle Cake. Completed with her essential kitchen tips and extensive indexes including vegetarian options and gluten-free substitutions to accommodate up to twelve guests, Enjoy is your recipe for creating unforgettable memories.

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  • A duo of high-profile tastemakers invites readers inside fifteen homes that are infused with the blend of vintage-contemporary style that is the essence of Parisian chic.

    Style icon Ines de la Fressange and globetrotting dilettante Marin Montagut share a uniquely Parisian sensibility for interiors that combine a variety of design traditions into a harmonious living space. The authors take readers inside fifteen Parisian apartments - including their own - that demonstrate how to imbue a home with a sense of well-being through a mix of vintage and contemporary styles. Each owner is passionate about home decor - whether in a studio, loft, or duplex - and they continually evolve their interior with new treasures uncovered in flea markets, on their travels, at design fairs, or in artisanal workshops.

    Natural materials - wood, wicker, bamboo, cotton, and linen - create warmth and personality. Vintage suitcases, vegetable crates, and jewel- toned pharmaceutical jars transform into charming storage containers. Embroidered cushions, terrariums, and fresh flowers enliven a room with pops of color. Collages, original art, or humble objects displayed in a series add a signature style to each residence.

    With extensive photographs, watercolor illustrations, and practical advice on the indispensable objects that incarnate each maison , this exquisite volume is rich in inspiration for creating Parisian chic at home.

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  • Prince Louis François de Bourbon-Conti - cousin of King Louis XV of France - was a patron of contemporary intellectuals such as Diderot, Beaumarchais, and Rousseau, and well-known as an avid art collector. His stroke of genius was the purchase of the Romanée vineyard, which later became known as the Romanée-Conti. This volume reveals the secrets of the legendary wine, which has earned a cult following of connoisseurs around the world.
    Following a biography of the Prince of Conti, detailed notes from recent wine tastings allow readers to identify the characteristics of this unique wine, which must be considered within the context of the Climats of Burgundy-the terroirs where the Burgundian grape varieties grow in optimal conditions. These fabled terroirs have benefited from a unique, centuries-long continuity and they were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015.
    To understand Burgundy, readers must be familiar with its Climats, but also conscious of the climate-the meteorological conditions in which each vintage is created-because the production of fine wines, and especially of those made from grape varieties at the very height of maturity, resembles at times an obstacle course created by nature to play tricks on the winegrower. Laurens Delpech-through lengthy excerpts from harvest reports published since 1996 by Aubert de Villaine, co-director of the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti-recounts the saga of successive vintages, which illuminates the difficulty of the vigneron's profession.
    This original, complete, and engaging volume brings to the forefront the duality of the Climats and climate that give rise to the finest wines in Burgundy. An excellent overview of the Romanée-Conti, it is also essential reading for those who wish to sharpen their knowledge and appreciation of Burgundian wines.

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  • Tempering and coating, ganaches and truffles, puff pastry and candy, chocolate ribbons and other decorative flourishes-this essential reference reveals 42 fundamental techniques to master cooking with chocolate, explained step by step through text and more than 250 photographs.
    From the classics-chocolate mousse, custard tart, éclairs, profiteroles, macarons-to celebration cakes and sophisticated plated desserts, this volume presents 76 recipes for all occasions, from quick desserts to festive specialties, for the home chef and experienced professional alike.

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  • "Twenty-five years have gone by since this book first appeared, yet the message remains the same. There is a whole new generation of people who haven't had the time or the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the experience of cooking. Everything is too fast nowadays - but we still need to sit down to eat. I am convinced that this little bible of simple but wholesome dishes still holds true today - because good food does not have to be expensive and complicated. Leek and potato soup, roast chicken - perhaps the best cuisine is simple, everyday fare."

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  • Anglais Plantopia

    Camille Soulayrol

    Join the green revolution !
    Bring plants into the home to reconnect with nature-it's the perfect antidote to life's frenetic pace. With stepby-step tips, you'll learn how to choose and care for stylish, low-maintenance houseplants, including ferns, air plants, cacti, and succulents. Then create your own garden of paradise with more than seventy fun and rewarding ideas for nesting at home with greenery. From decorative DIY crafts to natural, homemade cosmetics, and from infusions to essential oils, these simple-to-follow projects will foster a sense of well-being and turn your home into a leafy, relaxing retreat.
    - Foolproof growing tips - Terrariums and aquatic plants - Himmeli and macramé planters - Pressed leaves and flowers - Wreathes and decorative touches - Natural, homemade dyes - Embroidery samplers - Essential oils and beauty DIY - Infusions and green recipes

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  • This unique anthology - the only one of its kind - tells the story of more than a hundred years of equestrian sports, focusing on the three official disciplines of dressage, jumping, and eventing. Featuring every major event since 1912, when the sport first appeared in the modern Olympic Games, the book gives a decade-by-decade breakdown of individual and team medal-winners, and reveals fascinating, behind-the-scenes anecdotes that bring these hard-fought contests to life.

    Frank and intimate portraits of groundbreaking riders - including Hans Günter Winkler, Joe Fargis, Isabell Werth, Charlotte Dujardin, and Mark Todd - and of the sport's most remarkable horses form a tribute to these sporting legends and evoke their dreams, setbacks, and triumphs. Richly illustrated with more than three hundred photographs and replete with key statistics, this book conveys all the excitement and drama of high-profile international equestrian competitions and is an essential reference for all enthusiasts.

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  • Renowned for its expertise in quality knitwear, Maison Montagut holds a unique place in the fashion world. Its designs evoke the essence of French style : effortless chic without ostentation.
    It's a Montagut ! traces the history of this family-owned company which, for over 140 years, has flourished-from its origins in rural Ardèche to China and the United States. A pioneer in the silk milling industry since 1880, Maison Montagut revolutionized women's hosiery in the interwar period and went on to invent the famous Fil Lumière polo shirt-a baby boomer icon that went on to take Asia by storm.
    Today, Montagut focuses its savoir-faire on fashion design, offering contemporary styles that are refined and timeless.

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  • Who were the leading designers in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and what elements of their legacy remain relevant in interior design today?
    Barbara and René Stoeltie, former gallery owners and respected interiors specialists, chart the evolution of interior design from the seventeenth century to the present day. Arranged chronologically, the volume provides a broad and visually evocative overview of the most significant designers of the last 400 years. Barbara Stoeltie introduces each designer, putting them in their historical context and detailing the primary elements that characterized their style or revolutionized taste in their day. Her text is accompanied by René's photographs, featuring the key works by each designer, illustrating both the overall impact of the room as well as focusing on the details that make each space memorable.
    Her text is accompanied by René's photographs, featuring the key works by each designer, illustrating both the overall impact of the room as well as focusing on the details that make each space memorable.
    These portraits of the designers and their chef d'oeuvres illustrate the aesthetic principles and creativity that have made each designer important and relevant in the history of interior design.
    From Bill Willis's interpretation of Orientalism in Marrakesh, or the clean and graphic lines of Andrée Putman's sleek interiors, to the incredible boiseries and ornate fantastical outdoor pavilion of Daniel Marot's seventeenth-century Folie de Roozendaal in Belgium, inspiration is abound in this volume.

  • James Viaene began his culinary career after the French Liberation, in the midst of a post-war cultural revival of sumptuous dinners, balls, and galas. He started as an apprentice in some of Paris's greatest restaurants and later was hired at the Parisian residence of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. He went on to train under a series of renowned cooks, and became a chef in his own right in the kitchens of eminent public figures such as Georges Wildenstein, Jean de Souza-Lage, and Michel David-Weill. Each successive kitchen challenged Viaene to adapt to new, extremely high standards, catering to both experimental and traditional tastes but always displaying a perfect mastery of presentation. Over time, a special relationship blossomed between the chef and each of his employers, built on respect, trust, and the exchange of ideas.
    In 1970, Viaene entered the British Ambassador's residence in Paris, a unique locale where the chef plays a central role and a delicious meal could create the perfect atmosphere for successful diplomacy. For over forty years, the historic residence, which had once belonged to Pauline Borghese before being purchased by the Duke of Wellington, provided the perfect setting for serving Viaene's best-loved recipes.
    In this richly illustrated volume, James Viaene recounts his memories, amusing anecdotes, and favorite recipes from throughout his reign in the historic kitchen. From the famous Beef Wellington served to Queen Elizabeth II, to "typically English" tea, and the pot-au-feu inspired by his childhood memories, each dish is enhanced by the Residence's legendary silver service, which remains today one of the treasures of the British Embassy in France.

  • Le chef des Ambassadeurs, restaurant du Crillon, décline 80 plats en 300 recettes de cuisine familiale ou de prestige : araignée de mer au goût herbacé en chaud-froid, compression de paella, terrine de foie de volaille, burger de thon au poivre, etc...

  • Anglais Spices ; box set

    Fabienne Gambrelle

    Pour tout connaître sur les épices : leur histoire, liée à celle des marins, des aventuriers et des colonies, leurs usages, le développement de leur culture, leurs goûts, leurs caractéristiques, comment s'en servir et avec quel type de plat, comment les associer...

  • Anglais Cats

    Claude Pacheteau

    Momifié par les Egyptiens, domestiqué par les Romains, le chat est l'un des compagnons de l'homme les plus attractifs. Le premier volume de ce coffret reprend l'histoire de cet animal et traite de sa santé, de son éducation, etc. Le deuxième volume présente une quarantaine de races de chats et certaines de leurs variantes.

  • Anglais Roses

    Jérôme Goutier

    Le premier volume retrace l'histoire de la culture des roses de ses origines en Chine aux créations des obtenteurs contemporains, et propose des conseils pratiques pour la culture et l'entretien des rosiers. Le second présente et décrit une sélection de 88 variétés de roses parmi les plus belles du monde. Dans une reliure fermée par un ruban.