Beatriz Williams

  • États-Unis, 1966. Pepper Schuyler vient de vendre aux enchères son dernier bien de valeur : une Mercedes de collection. Pour le bébé qu'elle attend, pour repartir de zéro sans dépendre de personne, Pepper avait besoin de cet argent. Poussée par la curiosité, la jeune femme rencontre la mystérieuse acheteuse qui a déboursé une somme folle pour la Mercedes.
    Vingt-huit ans plus tôt, Annabelle Dommerich, célèbre violoncelliste, fuit l'Allemagne nazie à bord de cette voiture et laisse une partie de son coeur à l'intérieur...
    En se livrant leurs secrets, les deux femmes se lient d'amitié et y puisent la force qui leur permettra d'affronter le passé.

  • Tiny Schuyler était prédestinée : une éducation dans les meilleures écoles de New York, un mariage de rêve avec un beau parti et un chemin tout tracé vers la Maison Blanche. Car rien ne semble pouvoir arrêter l'ascension fulgurante de son mari, Frank Hardcastle. Bientôt, c'est sûr, Tiny sera la nouvelle First Lady.
    Mais une série d'événements va venir assombrir le ciel bleu de Cape Cod, où les Hardcastle ont établi leur QG. C'est d'abord l'arrivée de Pepper, la cadette des soeurs Schuyler, écervelée et insolente. Puis une lettre anonyme, menaçant la réputation de Tiny et de son époux. Enfin, les retrouvailles inattendues avec le séduisant cousin de Frank. Un homme que Tiny a aimé autrefois...
    Combien de temps avant que l'image de l'épouse modèle se fissure ? Dans la course au pouvoir suprême, les sentiments ont-ils une place ?

  • New York, 1964. Un avis de passage du facteur dans la boîte aux lettres de Vivian Schuyler qui n'attendait rien. Le paquet s'avère être une valise adressée à une certaine Violet. Quelques rapides coups de fil familiaux plus tard, Vivian découvre une grand-tante dont elle n'avait jamais entendu parler et glane les bribes d'une étrange histoire. Celle de cette aïeule bien née, qui décide de devenir scientifique avant d'être accusée d'avoir tué son mari à Berlin en 1914 et de prendre la fuite avec son amant pour ne plus jamais donner de nouvelles. La curiosité piquée au vif, Vivian décide de se lancer sur les traces de cette ancêtre atypique, meurtrière et adultère, happée par les remous de l'Histoire.

  • As the freedom of the Jazz Age transforms New York City, the iridescent Mrs Theresa Marshall of Fifth Avenue - a beautiful socialite of a certain age - has done the unthinkable: she's fallen in love with her young lover, Captain Octavian Rofrano, a handsome aviator and hero of the Great War.

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  • Lily, tenue par le charme discret de la timidité, et Budgie, débordante de cran et d'assurance, sont amies depuis l'enfance. Si différentes mais inséparables, elles traversent avec insouciance les années fac dans la bonne société new-yorkaise. Jusqu'à l'hiver 1931 où elles se perdent de vue.
    Quand Budgie réapparaît, sept ans plus tard, c'est à Seaview au bras fier de son mari Nick Greenwald, celui que Lily a tant aimé, celui pour qui le coup de foudre avait été immédiat. Entre silences, accrocs et gênes, des liens vont alors se nouer, se renouer, des langues se délier révélant les trahisons, faisant émerger secrets enfouis et vérités nécessaires. Alors qu'au large menace la tempête...


    Beatriz Williams

    The dazzling narrator of The Wicked City brings her mesmerizing voice and indomitable spirit to another Jazz Age tale of rumrunners, double crosses, and true love, spanning the Eastern seaboard from Florida to Long Island to Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1924. Ginger Kelly wakes up in tranquil Cocoa Beach, Florida, having fled south to safety in the company of disgraced Prohibition agent Oliver Anson Marshall and her newly-orphaned young sister, Patsy. But paradise is short-lived. Marshall is reinstated to the agency with suspicious haste and put to work patrolling for rumrunners on the high seas, from which he promptly disappears. Gin hurries north to rescue him, only to be trapped in an agonizing moral quandary by Marshall's desperate mother. 1998. Ella Dommerich has finally settled into her new life in Greenwich Village, inside the same apartment where a certain redheaded flapper lived long ago...and continues to make her presence known. Having quit her ethically problematic job at an accounting firm, cut ties with her unfaithful ex-husband, and begun an epic love affair with Hector, her musician neighbor, Ella's eager to piece together the history of the mysterious Gin Kelly, whose only physical trace is a series of rare vintage photograph cards for which she modeled before she disappeared. Two women, two generations, two urgent quests. But as Ginger and Ella track down their separate quarries with increasing desperation, the mysteries consuming them take on unsettling echoes of each other, and both women will require all their strength and ingenuity to outwit a conspiracy spanning decades.

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  • Un mariage en ete Nouv.

  • In the summer of 1966, Christina Hardcastle--"Tiny" to her illustrious family--stands on the brink of a breathtaking future. Of the three Schuyler sisters, she's the one raised to marry a man destined for leadership, and with her elegance and impeccable style, she presents a perfect camera-ready image in the dawning age of television politics. Together she and her husband, Frank, make the ultimate power couple: intelligent, rich, and impossibly attractive. It seems nothing can stop Frank from rising to national office, and he's got his sights set on a senate seat in November.
    But as the season gets underway at the family estate on Cape Cod, three unwelcome visitors appear in Tiny's perfect life: her volatile sister Pepper, an envelope containing incriminating photograph, and the intimidating figure of Frank's cousin Vietnam-war hero Caspian, who knows more about Tiny's rich inner life than anyone else. As she struggles to maintain the glossy facade on which the Hardcastle family's ambitions are built, Tiny begins to suspect that Frank is hiding a reckless entanglement of his that may unravel both her own ordered life and her husband's promising career.
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  • An epic story of star-crossed lovers in pre-war Europe collides with a woman on the run in the swinging '60s, in another riveting historical novel from the New York Times-bestselling author of A Hundred Summers and Tiny Little Thing.
    Each of the three Schuyler sisters has her own world-class problems, but in the autumn of 1966, Pepper Schuyler's problems are in a class of their own. When Pepper fixes up a beautiful and rare vintage Mercedes and sells it at auction, she thinks she's finally found a way to take care of herself and the baby she carries, the result of an affair with a married, legendary politician.
    But the car's new owner turns out to have secrets of her own, and as the glamorous and mysterious Annabelle Dommerich takes pregnant Pepper under her wing, the startling provenance of this car comes to light: a Nazi husband, a Jewish lover, a flight from Europe, and a love so profound it transcends decades. As the many threads of Annabelle's life from World War II stretch out to entangle Pepper in 1960s America, and the father of her unborn baby tracks her down to a remote town in coastal Georgia, the two women must come together to face down the shadows of their complicated pasts.
    Indomitable heroines, a dazzling world of secrets, champagne at the Paris Ritz, and a sweeping love story for the ages, in New York Times bestselling author Beatriz William's final book about the Schuyler sisters.
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  • The New York Times bestselling authors of The Glass Ocean and The Forgotten Room return with a glorious historical adventure that moves from the dark days of two World Wars to the turbulent years of the 1960s, in which three women with bruised hearts find refuge at Paris' legendary Ritz hotel. The heiress . . . The Resistance fighter . . . The widow . . . Three women whose fates are joined by one splendid hotel France, 1914. As war breaks out, Aurelie becomes trapped on the wrong side of the front with her father, Comte Sigismund de Courcelles. When the Germans move into their family's ancestral estate, using it as their headquarters, Aurelie discovers she knows the German Major's aide de camp, Maximilian Von Sternburg. She and the dashing young officer first met during Aurelie's debutante days in Paris. Despite their conflicting loyalties, Aurelie and Max's friendship soon deepens into love, but betrayal will shatter them both, driving Aurelie back to Paris and the Ritz-- the home of her estranged American heiress mother, with unexpected consequences. France, 1942. Raised by her indomitable, free-spirited American grandmother in the glamorous Hotel Ritz, Marguerite "Daisy" Villon remains in Paris with her daughter and husband, a Nazi collaborator, after France falls to Hitler. At first reluctant to put herself and her family at risk to assist her grandmother's Resistance efforts, Daisy agrees to act as a courier for a skilled English forger known only as Legrand, who creates identity papers for Resistance members and Jewish refugees. But as Daisy is drawn ever deeper into Legrand's underground network, committing increasingly audacious acts of resistance for the sake of the country--and the man--she holds dear, she uncovers a devastating secret . . . one that will force her to commit the ultimate betrayal, and to confront at last the shocking circumstances of her own family history. France, 1964. For Barbara "Babs" Langford, her husband, Kit, was the love of her life. Yet their marriage was haunted by a mysterious woman known only as La Fleur. On Kit's death, American lawyer Andrew "Drew" Bowdoin appears at her door. Hired to find a Resistance fighter turned traitor known as "La Fleur," the investigation has led to Kit Langford. Curious to know more about the enigmatic La Fleur, Babs joins Drew in his search, a journey of discovery that that takes them to Paris and the Ritz--and to unexpected places of the heart. . . .

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  • 'Williams conjures up another substantive beach read steeped in history and familial intrigue.... Readers will love wallowing in the twists and turns of this irresistibly luxurious tale.' -'Booklist Passion, redemption, and a battered suitcase full of secrets: the New York Times-bestselling author of A Hundred Summers returns with another engrossing tale.
    Manhattan, 1964. Vivian Schuyler, newly graduated from Bryn Mawr College, has recently defied the privilege of her storied old Fifth Avenue family to do the unthinkable for a budding Kennedy-era socialite: break into the Madison Avenue world of razor-stylish Metropolitan magazine. But when she receives a bulky overseas parcel in the mail, the unexpected contents draw her inexorably back into her family's past, and the hushed-over crime passionnel of an aunt she never knew, whose existence has been wiped from the record of history.
    Berlin, 1914. Violet Schuyler Grant endures her marriage to the philandering and decades-older scientist Dr. Walter Grant for one reason: for all his faults, he provides the necessary support to her liminal position as a young American female physicist in prewar Germany. The arrival of Dr. Grant's magnetic former student at the beginning of Europe's fateful summer interrupts this delicate détente. Lionel Richardson, a captain in the British Army, challenges Violet to escape her husband's perverse hold, and as the world edges into war and Lionel's shocking true motives become evident, Violet is tempted to take the ultimate step to set herself free and seek a life of her own conviction with a man whose cause is as audacious as her own.
    As the iridescent and fractured Vivian digs deeper into her aunt's past and the mystery of her ultimate fate, Violet's story of determination and desire unfolds, shedding light on the darkness of her years abroad . . . and teaching Vivian to reach forward with grace for the ambitious future--and the love--she wants most.

  • New York Times bestselling authors Karen White, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig present a masterful collaboration--a rich, multigenerational novel of love and loss that spans half a century.... 1945: When the critically wounded Captain Cooper Ravenal is brought to a private hospital on Manhattan's Upper East Side, young Dr. Kate Schuyler is drawn into a complex mystery that connects three generations of women in her family to a single extraordinary room in a Gilded Age mansion. Who is the woman in Captain Ravenel's portrait miniature who looks so much like Kate? And why is she wearing the ruby pendant handed down to Kate by her mother? In their pursuit of answers, they find themselves drawn into the turbulent stories of Gilded Age Olive Van Alen, driven from riches to rags, who hired out as a servant in the very house her father designed, and Jazz Age Lucy Young, who came from Brooklyn to Manhattan in pursuit of the father she had never known. But are Kate and Cooper ready for the secrets that will be revealed in the Forgotten Room? The Forgotten Room, set in alternating time periods, is a sumptuous feast of a novel brought to vivid life by three brilliant storytellers.