Summary : lean customer development (review and analysis of Alvarez's book)

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The must-read summary of Cindy Alvarez's book: "Lean Customer Development: Building Products Your Customers Will Buy".
This complete summary of the ideas from Cindy Alvarez's book "Lean Customer Development" demonstrates how traditional companies develop a new product and then look for ways to market it. According to Alvarez, a better approach is `Lean Customer Development', which identifies a customer need and then creates a product to satisfy it. From talking to real customers about their product needs to analysing their answers and deciding what to build, this summary will take you through each step of the process. 
Added-value of this summary:
o Save time
o Understand the needs of your customers
o Create products that your customers will pay for
To learn more, read "Lean Customer Development" and get to know your customers' needs and develop products to satisfy them!

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